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Anhui friends set paper packaging co., LTD

Telephone: 0551-63844008

Fax: 0551-63844000

Address: the hing road in hefei in anhui province economic and technological development zone no. 6888

Email address: jybz@genuinepacking.com

Zip code: 230601

Anhui set new materials co., LTD



Address: economic development zone, anqing city, anhui province the taihu lake

Email address: jybz@genuinepacking.com 

Zip code: 【 246000 】

Taihu lake set auspicious packaging technology co., LTD

Telephone: 【 0556-4181228 】

Fax: 【 0556-4181868 】

Address: tai lake taihu county economic development zone hospital friends set paper co., LTD

Zip code: 【 246000 】

Anhui Genuine Paper Packing Co., Ltd.