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Cigarette Tipping Paper

Cigarette Tipping Paper

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Cigarette Tipping Paper

Since 2004, Genuine has started researching, manufacturing and trading different kinds of cigarette tipping paper. Nowadays, we have developed a whole set of first-class international production equipment, advanced production technology and excellent design innovative capability.

Genuine cigarette tippng paper can produce two to six printing colors at present; In addition, our Landscape painting printing cigarette tipping paper is listed in the leading level in domestic market.

Currently, we can manufacture monochrome, two-color and even three-color cigarette tipping paper.

At present, the perforation porosity of our laser perforation series varies from 60CU to 2000CU. We have more than 10 sets of perforation machines, and six among them are imported from Germany.


Ordinary cigarette tipping paper series

Middle-grade cigarette tipping paper series

Top-grade cigarette tipping paper series

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