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The second “Genuine” good voice competition

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To build company culture, enrich the employees work life.under the company's general manager's office carefully preparation, the second Genuine voice competition,"sing youth, song fly", a singing contest on Dec. 30, 2015 at 15:00 PM in the multi-function hall on the third floor of the company held successfully. This second voice competition had long held significant meaning for company, to celebrate the year 2016, also for the farewell 2015, received warm support and actively participate in the leadership and colleagues.

Because this competition attracted many participants, divided into preliminary and final two stages. After a preliminary, a total of 12 players enter the final. The final day, the players all show their beautiful sound. After fierce competition, Zhang lijuan from the production department, won the first prize. Gan ChengZhi, Xu Lihui won the second prize from the sales department. Kong Yunchen, Cao Xing, Xue Weizhu won the third prize. After the match, Mr.Rang,the production department director had combined sales Mr.Zhang awarded prize for these winners.

This activity provided a stage for young staffs to show themselves. It was always getting its perspective results, which was a relief from working pressure, an enrichment of leisure time and an enhancement of a friendly relationship among colleges.